How It Started on 2023-09-28

End of September 2023, Linda Yaccarino, who is officially the CEO of Twitter, said the company would be profitable “in early ‘24”. Source: The Verge

How I See It Going

To her credit, she said “in early ‘24.” She didn’t specify if she meant 2024 or 3024. Now profitability claims are a bit tricky. It is possible to use accounting methods and financial techniques to temporarily boost the profits of companies. So I think this claim is 99% unlikely, but not 100% impossible. Long term profits? To my chagrin I must admit that Twitter still has a possibility of achieving that goal.

How It Actually Went on 2024-04-02

Unfortunately, I have no official news to share about Linda Yaccarino’s promise that Twitter would be profitable by now. They say no news is good news. I say no news is a clue that profitability was not achieved.